Inspiration House RetreatsAllow the arts, performances by virtuosos, and the company of thoughtful men and women to help you escape from stress, rejuvenate your spirit, and revel in the power of inspiration. Re-enter your lives renewed and confident that creativity and imagination are indispensable tools for constructive personal and social change. Join circles. Breathe. Meditate. Exchange stories describing and celebrating joyful moments, situations, and seasons in your lives. Offer your best memories as gifts in a respectful, uncensored, insightful communion that affirms our ‘pursuit of happiness’ as a key birthright. Contribute your individual stories to the creation of an Oral History of Happiness. Retreats and Circles always include soothing played by a master musician and are facilitated by Peter J. Harris, founder of The Black Man of Happiness Project. For schedule and prices: More information can be downloaded here.